The RNCYC/MYC 2024 8 Metre World Cup organising committee maintains a strong and invaluable partnership with Peters & May ( Peters & May’s extensive experience in organising and facilitating the global movement of yachts, especially race yachts, has been pivotal to ensuring a seamless and efficient customs process for “Fulmar,” one of the 8M yachts representing the 2024 home club.

Peters & May’s commitment to the unique requirements of racing yachts played a significant role in ensuring the success of these endeavours. Their extensive knowledge of the race yacht community and their dedication to providing tailored logistics solutions have made them the go-to choice for many discerning race yacht owners.

Furthermore, Peters & May boasts a well-established and extensive network of agents and partners spread across numerous countries worldwide. These dedicated professionals are poised to provide comprehensive support to 8M owners when it comes to customs processes and crucial interactions with local chambers of commerce. Together, they ensure that all documentation is meticulously prepared and in full compliance with international regulations.

For most race yacht owners, this process often entails the creation of a “Carnet.” The Carnet, an internationally recognized document, meticulously details the yacht and its contents, accompanied by essential letters of authority. It is a vital component in the smooth and hassle-free movement of race yachts across borders. Peters & May’s familiarity with this process, along with their ability to navigate the complex web of international logistics, makes them an indispensable asset for those embarking on race yacht campaigns across the globe.

For those keen to explore Peters & May’s specialized services for race yachts, we strongly encourage direct contact with:

Craig Stanbury
Global Operations Director

Steve Franklyn
Global Operations Manager

Alternatively, you can engage with the Organising committee liaison person for Yacht transport for the 8M World Cup 2024:

Mike Fleming

Additionally, The World Cup 2024 Team have negotiated with these companies to offer excellent rates to transport your boat to and from Scotland.

Coast 2 Coast
Marine Transport Limited
+44 7861661973

Andrew Rosthorn,
Sealand Boat Deliveries Limited
+44 1254 705225
mobile +44 7860642328

*Information Note:*
The use of a Carnet is the most common method for moving yachts globally when a third party is involved in the transport. The Carnet system is widely recognized and established, and Carnets are utilized for various scenarios, including:

• Yachts being transported by road and ferry across borders for a round trip.
• Yachts on trailers carried onto ferries at one end and picked up at the other end by a different haulage company for a return journey.
• Yachts placed on commercial freighters for port-to-port transfer.

Carnets are typically issued for 2, 6, or 12 months, with the cost determined by the value of the yacht and its contents.

However, Carnets are often not required for:

• Yachts moved by their owners by land/ferry (with an oral declaration at the border).
• Yachts sailed/motored by sea across borders (with an oral declaration upon arrival).
• In certain situations, yachts might be moved on a temporary export/import basis, particularly when the return date is uncertain or exceeds 12 months. This entails a different set of paperwork, with costs similar to a Carnet. Each case requires tailored advice.

It’s worth noting that Peters & May could potentially charter a suitably sized ship for port-to-port transfers, collecting yachts in the same geographic area, such as Scandinavia or the Mediterranean. This would offer a comprehensive pickup service if enough 8M yachts decide to join as one load. If you find this option appealing, we recommend contacting Mike as soon as possible.

Peters & May’s wealth of experience in the race yacht sector ensures that their tailored logistics solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of racing yachts. Their commitment to delivering the utmost precision and attention to detail has garnered them the trust and admiration of race yacht owners and management teams worldwide.

Please note that the content of this page is provided to 8M owners interested in participating in the 2024 Worlds on a best endeavours basis. RNCYC/MYC, the 8M world organisers, and Peters & May cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. We also encourage race yacht owners to explore other freight forwarding and customs service providers to make informed decisions.

Boat Handling

The Organisers will request a schedule for arrival and departure of all participants to arrange for crane, ship lift within tidal constraints. The organisers reserve the right to alter the nominated launch facility choice if circumstances require.
Two launch facilities are available and these are listed below along with issues relevant to each facility.
1) Silvers Boatyard, Silverhills, Rosneath, By Helensburgh, G84 0LX. Marked as C on the Map
The boat yard lies 39 miles by road from Glasgow and a useful map for directions is included on their website and one nautical mile on the water from Rhu Marina. Consideration must be given to the considerable tidal flow through the Rhu Narrows that must be negotiated between Silvers and Rhu Marina.
Silvers propose to charge £800 plus VAT for launch, mast step and recovery. They can store delivery vehicles at no extra charge. They are also able to offer one week’s storage in their yard both before and after the event free of charge.
Telephone: – +44 (0)1436 831222
E-mail: – Website: –

2) James Watt Dock Marina, Marina Office, The Sugar Warehouse, East Hamilton Street, Greenock, PA15 2UA. Marked as D on the Map
Telephone: – +44 (0)1475 729838
E-mail: – Website: –

The marina lies within the historic James Watt Dock and is 20 miles West of Glasgow and is the most convenient boatyard for motorway transportation. The narrow lower reaches of the river Clyde will have to be negotiated and that will require that an engineless vessel be towed. The dock lies approximately 5 nautical miles from Rhu Marina.
James Watt Dock Marina propose to charge £650 plus VAT for launch, mast step and recovery. They can store delivery vehicles at no extra charge. Those wishing to store their vessels prior to or after the event need make separate arrangements with James Watt Dock Marina.


Rhu Marina, Pier Rd, Rhu, Helensburgh, G84 8LH. Marked as B on the Map
The event will be based at Rhu Marina where berths for each participant will be available. The cost of 8 days berthing for vessels entered in the event is included in the entry fee. Berthing before or after the event will be at an additional cost to the participant and should be arranged with Rhu Marina. Personal RIBS will need to be registered with Rhu Marina for berthing and will be charged at £9 per day. Sailing on and off marina berths is not recommended. It is advised that a RIB is used to tow vessels to and from the marina entrance to their berths. Owners and crew are requested to help others without RIBS as usual and event RIBS will assist where possible. Consideration towards other marina occupants is mandatory in terms of safety and convenience.

RIB Launching

A slip is available at both Silvers and Rhu Marina for the launching of RIBs. The Marina slip is managed by the RNLI who have given permission for a launch and recovery of RIBs up to 8 metres and weighing less than one tonne. A minimum donation of £10 each way is requested to the RNLI for this. There is plenty of free storage for Rib trailers at the marina during the event.


Rhu Marina will endeavour to berth all participants in one area of the marina but as the marina anticipates a high level of occupation some boats may have to be berthed apart from the main fleet.

Boat Cleaning

A ship lift is based at Rhu Marina and participants will need to make arrangements with the marina to lift for cleaning. Ship lifts are also based at Silvers Boatyard and RB Marine where individual arrangements might be made.
Ship lift operations at all locations are limited by weather and tidal conditions.
Divers engaged for any purpose within the Marina must comply with the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and must be authorised by the local Harbour Authority and have prior permission from Rhu marina.